The theme of this month's news is "Love Your Lake!".  We can't say it any more plainly than that.  The Lake, its water, its natural habitats are why we are here.  We play on it, we swim in it, some of us drink it, and we enjoy every moment we are around it.

What we do …
SLCO volunteers sample the lake water during the summer.

  • In the spring, one set of samples are sent to FOCA's Lake Partner Program for analysis of phosphorus, calcium and chloride.
  • Tests for Total Coliform, E.Coli, water temperature and clarity are checked at eight lake locations, four times annually.

Why do we test?

Our Lake Plan survey showed that water quality is your number one priority. 

What the results tell us

We have great water quality - the envy of Muskoka and so important to our cottage life, property values and local wildlife.  However, we have noticed some negative trends ... so it is important you do your part.

What you can do to maintain our pristine water quality

  • Pump your septic system and inspect it regularly.
  • Use low-phosphorus soaps, shampoos and detergents; use biodegradable products.
  • Don’t use fertilizers.
  • Don’t bathe in the lake, not even with bio-degradable soaps.
  • Eliminate the use of winter salt on your property; use more sand or a sand-brine mix.
  • Maintain or re-create a natural shoreline.
  • Visit to learn more about water quality, our testing programs and what you can do.

The Love Your Lake website* includes some great information to preserve the lake and its beauty including a Shoreline Assessment and ways to prevent erosion.  Have a look!

Assess Your Shoreline
5 Ways to Prevent Erosion
How to Naturalize Your Shoreline

*Skeleton Lake does not participate in the Shoreline Evaluation Program at this time.