Skeleton Lake Plan & Stewardship Program

August 2014 was an important day for the Skeleton Lake Cottagers Organization when members passed a vote to adopt the Lake Plan & Stewardship Program as the defacto standard by which the SLCO will guide its activities.  

Culminating more than four years of community cooperation and countless hours of volunteer work, the final document was officially accepted.

The SLCO undertook this effort with the following goals in mind -

  • to provide itself with a Lake Plan for the achievement of its mission.
  • to provide municipal planning authorities with documentation identifying the values and the features that the property owners of the Skeleton Lake watershed have a common interest in preserving.
  • to identify specific stewardship actions Skeleton Lake stakeholders, and the SLCO, can take in implementing the plan's mission.
Two Strategic Initiatives, grouped together, simplify the many recommendations detailed in the Plan:
    1. Skeleton Lake Plan
    2. Skeleton Lake Stewardship Program

This document will be the catalyst for several future initiatives aimed at the conservation and preservation of our great lake.

Don't have your copy yet?  

We are sold out!  You can view the Skeleton Lake Plan and Stewardship Program online by clicking here.

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