Amazing Water Quality!

Let's Keep It That Way ... 

With its clear clean water, Skeleton Lake is one of the most pristine lakes in the world. 

Being a cottager on Skeleton Lake, enjoying the surrounding environment, is indeed a desirable position!  We have great water quality - the envy of Muskoka and so important to our cottage life, property values and local wildlife.  Our surveys show that water quality is your number one priority.  That means maintaining the health of our lake is important to all of us!

However ... while not an imminent issue, we are seeing growing negative trends.  Not all are related to global warming.  There are many things we can do, to help maintain the health of our lake and the qualities we so value. 

Learn more about Skeleton Lake's water quality, its monitoring program and what you can do:

How do we know?

An overview of our testing program and what we measure.

Pay attention to what?

Testing for phosphorus, calcium and chloride and what the results say.

Can I drink the water?

What are coliform and how they can affect our lake.

Can you see forever?

Secchi disk testing and our amazing results.

Is the water warm yet?

Why the lake's water temperature remains relatively stable.

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