Facebook Photos of the Month

Let's share some of the fabulous photos posted on the Skeleton Lake Facebook page!  Each month we'll pick three photos based on the number of Likes and/or comments for you to enjoy throughout the year! 

March 2023


Linda Haslam-Stroud

Waiting for Summer

Jeff Crocker 

Sap is Running

Linda Haslam-Strouc

Tonight's Lights

Diane Smith

February 2023

Very Happy Kids

Mary Clarke 

Drone Over the Lake

Kelly Andrews 

Happy Family Day

Adele Churchill

Ice on the Move

Kelly Andrews

January 2023

January Fishing

Tom Davidson

Happy New Year!

Linda Haslam-Stroud

Good Morning!

Susan Langlois-Meyers

November - December 2022

What makes SL Beautiful 

Kelly Andrews

Truly Beautiful

Kelly Andrews

Mother Nature

Deirdre Broude

Winter Sunset

Adele Churchill

October 2022

Beautiful Skeleton Lake

Carol Shepherd


Karen Bell

Red Canoe

Adele Churchill

September 2022

Calm and Pretty

Cyndi Martin-Alder

Annual Dive Weekend

David Moody

Sunset from Long Point

Greg Taggart

If Only ...

Jake Dormer

Oh What a Night!

Jennifer Logan

Incredible Beauty

Cathy Winnitoy

August 2022

What a Summer!

John Dormer

What a Summer!

John Dormer


Jennifer Kristen

Every Night Holds
a New Surprise

Jeff Crocker

Wonderful Evening
For a Paddle

Karen Bell

July 2022

Monumental Life Moment!

Emily Burgin


Karen Bell

Devil's Face

Paul Bennett

Morning Visitor

Dan Browne

Skeleton Lake Bear Alert

Susan Langlois-Meyers

Iconic One Tree

Ian Andrews

June 2022

Solstice Night

Vicki Crocker

Beautiful Calm Morning

Adrienne Gilbert

So Nice to be Back

Carol Shepherd

May 2022

Early Morning Reflections

Tom Newman

Stunning Colours

Deirdre Broude


Janet Medland Davidson

April 2022

Calm & Peaceful

Brian Cotterchio

Ice Out ... Rainbow In

Linda Haslam Stroud

Did you Guess ... April 21?

Janet Medland Davidson

Melting Has Started

Adele Churchill

North Shore Ice Push

Adele Churchill

So Peaceful!

Kelly Andrews

March 2022

Can't Get Any Better

Randy Tipping

Never Disappoints!

Karen Martindale-Sliz

Spring is Around the Corner

Jeff Crocker

February 2022

Sunrise before Snow

Kelly Andrews

A Walk on the Lake

Jeff Crocker

Skeleton Lake Winters

Kylie Edwardson

January 2022

A Tad Crisp!

Adele Churchill

Best Thing to Wake Up To

Kelly Andrews

The Beauty of our Lake

Linda Haslam-Stroud

Honourable Mention ...

Left & Right ...

Shelley Cotterchio - June

Rosebud Hummingbird

John Stoklos

One Tree Island

Paul Bennett Photography - Thank you Paul for sharing your amazing photo - 126 Likes!

Beautiful and Peaceful Day

Frank McLaughlin - Posted December 30 - Just 2 days early!

Who's Fishing on New Year's Day?

Andrea Ross - Fisherman Tom Davidson

Who else can say they've done it?

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