When is the water warm enough to swim?

When does it Warm Up?

Updated 2023-09-20

Our Water Temperature - Unique in Muskoka

Skeleton Lake’s circular shape and great depth are attributed to the impact of a meteorite that fell during the Paleozoic Era, 541 – 252 million years ago. The lake has an average depth of 32 meters and is 65 meters at its deepest point.   Its total volume is approximately 6.64 million cubic meters. 

Due to its depth and subterranean springs, the temperature remains relatively stable during the summer, warming more in the shallow bays and beaches.  

Other Muskoka lakes are glacial in origin, tending to be narrow and shallow with fluctuating water temperatures. 

Water temperature is checked three to four times per year at each test site by our volunteers.  As well, NDMNRF* has installed a monitoring station beside the dam in Simolean Bay that records water levels and temperature on a constant basis. 

The lake's water temperature is perfect through the cottage season for most swimmers and water sports ... just a little more invigorating during the shoulder seasons.

*Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry

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