Environmental Partners

These partners support Muskoka environmentally through their various programs and awareness campaigns.  They also provide valuable resources for cottagers through their websites.

Blue Lakes Project

The Blue Lakes in an ecolabel program that provides a template for action and education. Specifically, it is an ecolabel that is given to award stewardship excellence, and the label, when provided, comes with a portfolio of tools, resources, and activities that can be tailored to your lake’s needs. For instance, the program provides educational opportunities, forums, and funding for naturalization and lake-wide projects to improve lake health. Operated by The Land Between.

Dorset Environmental Sciences Centre

The Dorset Environmental Science Centre of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment investigates a wide variety of issues. The study area is comprised of a collection of lake basins located in south-central Ontario that have varying amounts of cottage development. The centre’s primary focus is on integrated environmental monitoring, experimentation and data recording. SLCO participates in FOCA's Lake Partner Program, sending water samples to Dorset for analysis.

Friends of Muskoka

Friends of Muskoka are a group of dedicated volunteers working to protect and to preserve the natural environment and unique character of Muskoka by promoting responsible use and development of its land and lakes. Friends of Muskoka believe that the environment IS the economy in Muskoka since millions of people come to Muskoka and invest here because of its clean water and natural, treed shorelines. Friends of Muskoka is trying to stop residential subdivisions on the waterfront in Muskoka and will work to enshrine sustainable development in the Municipal and District Official Plans.

Friends of the Muskoka Watershed

We identify environmental threats, develop practical science-based solutions, and connect with policy-makers to put these solutions in place. We also cultivate an awareness of these threats and solutions through educational outreach within the Muskoka community.

The Land Between

The Land Between Charity is a grassroots non-government-organization that works to achieve bioregionalism; a sense of place and active broad stewardship that is rooted in the understanding that our wellbeing comes from the land.

We conduct applied collaborative research, conservation projects, educational programming and facilitates public engagement. This is done with the goal of restoring habitats, wildlife populations, cultural assets, and economic pillars across the Land Between bioregion.

Love Your Lake

Love Your Lake is a shoreline evaluation program developed by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF), and conducted for any shoreline community across the country by local organizations.  Skeleton Lake does not participate at this time. This program is coordinated by Canadian Wildlife Federation and Watersheds Canada

Muskoka Conservancy

Plain and simple, our mission is nature conservation in Muskoka.

We envision a healthy, resilient Muskoka that conserves natural spaces for our own and future generations.

To achieve our mission, Muskoka Conservancy is a registered charity and a Canadian corporation that operates as a land trust. That means we acquire ownership of properties and legally registered agreements with private property owners to protect land for nature conservation.

Muskoka Watershed Council

Muskoka Watershed Council (MWC) is an initiative of The District Municipality of Muskoka (DMM) and the Muskoka community. MWC was founded in 2001 and became incorporated as a non-profit organization in July 2019.

MWC is an advisory body and not a regulatory or enforcement agency. Instead, it makes recommendations to municipal governments, to decision-makers, to managers and to the general public on ways to protect and restore the resources of the area’s watersheds.

Muskoka Water Web

There are over 680 lakes in Muskoka greater than eight hectares in size. The Muskoka Water Web was developed by The District Municipality of Muskoka to provide a portal to information about Muskoka’s most cherished resource - water.

Protect Muskoka

An initiative of the South Bracebridge Environmental Protection Group, Protect Muskoka provides a platform for broader public discussion on smart land-use planning and its social impacts.

Safe Quiet Lakes

Safe Quiet Lakes was formed in 2011 by representatives of lake associations in Central Ontario. We work collaboratively with lake community stakeholders to promote safer and quieter lakes.

Safe Quiet Lakes continues to engage lake community stakeholders in Ontario to work toward our shared objective of safer and quieter lakes.

Watersheds Canada

Watersheds Canada is a federally incorporated non-profit organization and registered Canadian charity. We are committed to providing programs to communities across the country that work to engage and help shoreline owners enhance and protect the health of lakes and rivers.In partnership with others, Watersheds Canada protects and restores freshwater through the development and delivery of adaptive and resilient solutions and programs.

Learn more from our lake partners:  

Safety tips, how to maintain your shoreline, Muskoka-specific apps, emergency preparedness and more!

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