Shoreline, The Edge of the Water!

And how we can use it ... while protecting It.

Think about it ...

The shoreline is an important component in protecting our lake water.  The boundary we use for a great deal of our activity must be an important focus when maintaining our properties.

Why is a natural shoreline important?

Shoreline vegetation acts as a buffer to a host of natural and man-made pollutants; helps protect water quality; prevents erosion; and provides wildlife habitat.  

Water Quality Protection

Surface water runoff contains pollutants such as:

    • Fertilizers (nutrients) and pesticides
    • Soil particles (sediments)
    • Road salt
    • Vehicle fluids (gasoline, oil, etc.)
    • Others (pet/livestock waste, septic leachate, etc.)

These pollutants result in:

    • Algal blooms and excessive weed growth
    • Loss of recreation opportunities (swimming, boating, etc.)
    • Loss of fish and wildlife habitat
    • Contaminated watersources
    • Potential contamination of drinking water sources

Naturalized, vegetated shorelines with lots of native trees and shrubs reduce these effects by acting as a buffer that:

    • Absorbs nutrients and contaminants
    • Traps sediments
    • Encourages infiltration

Erosion Protection

Soils along the shorelines of lakes, rivers and streams are gradually weathered, displaced and deposited by various means including wind, water, ice and gravity. Although erosion is a natural process, it can be dramatically accelerated by changes in land use such as the removal of shoreline vegetation.

Improved Wildlife Habitat

    • Shade provided by vegetation can significantly reduce water temperatures creating a more favourable environment for many fish species.
    • Native vegetation along waterways provides shelter, food and safe travel corridors for wildlife.
    • The berries of many shoreline shrubs provide a critical winter food source for birds and animals.
    • Fallen trees and over-hanging branches and vegetation are a natural occurrence and provide excellent habitat and refuges for fish.

Did you know ... the best way to attract geese is to enable them to see grass from the water?

Discourage geese with a natural shorelineUse an environmentally friendly way to deter Canada geese with native plantsnoise makers, eco-friendly repellants, decoys or reflective devices.


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