Skeleton Lake in Muskoka is unique among Ontario lakes for its crystal clear waters and dramatic landscapes. Formed by an ancient meteor strike and scoured by several ice ages, the lake has a rugged natural beauty that draws visitors back year after year.  

The Skeleton Lake Cottagers Organization is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the natural beauty and abundant wildlife characteristic of the area.  

We acknowledge that the land on which we live and play is the traditional territory of the Anishinabek, Huron-Wendat and Odawa, who called this land home before we came.  The land was the centre of their lives and spirituality. We acknowledge their stewardship of this land throughout the ages.  We commit to respectful relationships with our indigenous neighbours and we accept our responsibility to walk without harm.

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FOCA is very pleased to announce that the Invasive Species Awareness and Monitoring Program for Lakes Education Ontario (IsampleON) is continuing and Skeleton Lake is now participating in the program.  For more information.

2023 Loon Survey

A message from

Alex Shepherd (Ashlee Island)

I have volunteered with Birds Canada to undertake a survey of Common Loon populations on our lake.  I may be wrong, but I believe I am the only one doing this. Birds Canada has told me they haven’t had information from our lake since 1992.

Our cherished loon (Common Loon) population appears to be in decline and the survey hopes to monitor the health of the local loon population as well as observe any negative aspect to their well-being. 

I could use some extra eyes and ears. Part of the objective is to identify loon nests. Loons prefer Islands, and leeward shore areas, bays and ones that, while providing a flat sheltered area, are close to a deep dive spot. Loons are very clumsy on land and do not travel very far from the water's edge. 

Loons are territorial. They will return to an area where they have successfully raised young in the past. 

If anyone sees loons nesting, and or, knows where they have nested in the past, I would appreciate receiving this information. It is important not to approach loon nests for obvious reasons and it is my intent to keep this information private. However, I need this information to be able to observe, from a significant distance, the progress of any nesting. 

If you can comply, an accurate description of location would be most appreciated ideally a GPS coordinate. 

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Bouy O Bouy!  Boats!

So what do I need to know as a boat operator and why there are only bleach bottles for markers on the lake?  I need to know!

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