Power Boating Recommendations

Or ... how not to upset your neighbours!

Update 23//0228 

Lake Markers

The Federal Government, Oceans and Fisheries, has jurisdiction of ALL waters in and around the country.  They have decided to not place any channel markers on our lake.  For the SLCO to place markers where we think there are issues provides a degree of interpretation as to what is and what is not worth marking, as well as changes in elevation requiring adjustments on a constant basis which we don't have the resources to do on a timely basis.  

Our bathymetric map will give you a clue of where  to be more cautious. Some cottagers do take it upon themselves to mark shallow or dangerous objects with home grown markers.  Our recommendation is to respect them as they are there to warn you! 

Everyone is allowed to use our water/lake with the understanding  that they have a full understanding of the hazards of the water you travel and understand the rules  and practices required for safe boating and respect of your neighbours!

Be Wake Aware

Many cottagers are adding more powerful and larger boats to their flotillas on top of the usual kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. We encourage you to use all your toys and have fun!  But, at the same time, ensure that you minimize damage to shoreline structures (docks and boathouses), the lake, the shoreline, wildlife and their habitats.  Bow Down in either Displacement Speed or Planing Speed for the least impact.

Did you know ... 

The speed limit on Muskoka Lakes is 9 km/hr within 30 meters (100 ft) of the shoreline?

Here are some tips and things to consider while out on the lake.

Displacement Speed

This is the slowest speed for most motorboats and creates the least wake.  The boat operates with the bow down in the water

Transition Speed

As you increase power while attempting to get on plane or decrease speed coming off plane, the bow rises causing the stern to plow through the water.  This creates the largest wake.

Planing Speed

At planing speed the bow drops back down and only a little of the hull contacts the water. This speed creates less wake than transition speed, but more than displacement speed.

All Power Boats

The red areas on the map show where you should be Wake Aware and minimize wakes to protect the shoreline.  Have fun in the blue areas!  Always keep a minimum of 50 meters from the shore.

    Wake Boats

    Boats used for wakeboarding and wave surfing are especially harmful to the shoreline as well as wildlife habitat including the bottom of shallow areas. We recommend the following:

    • Wakeboarding - Minimum 100 M (300 ft) from shore
    • Wave surfing - Minimum 200 M (600 ft) from shore

    The green area is great for wave surfing and wakeboarding using ballast-filled boats.  Try to stay clear of the red areas

    Personal Watercraft

    (Jet Skis, Sea-Doos, WaveRunners)

    Great fun ... but can be very annoying to the neighbours!  Please be cognizant that spinning circles and doing jumps can be irritating to those on the shore trying to enjoy the peace and tranquility of cottage life.  Again, playing out in the main lake, away from others, will be appreciated by your fellow cottagers. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly request!

    Boating and Invasive Species

    Ensure you are not contributing to the problem!

    Couple riding their 2022 Sea-Doo Spark

    Beaman's Bay - Public Dock/Access Ramp and Skeleton Lake Marina

    Please note Beaman's Bay is narrow, combined with a great deal of through boat traffic as well as recreational water activities poses a significant safety concern.  Boaters are cautioned to maintain speeds below 9 km/hr and be vigilance for swimmers, paddle boarders and other craft!   More Detail

    Boating Noise 
    Most boat motors allow exhaust to exit through the propeller underwater, helping to muffle the sound.  Boats with above-water exhaust systems are a disturbance to your neighbours.  These boats are illegal within five nautical miles (9.26 kilometres) of the shore, which is effectively nowhere on Skeleton Lake.  The fine under the Canada Shipping Act is $500. Please help keep the tranquility of the lake.

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