Just now you will be starting to think about this summer and what you will be doing at your cottage ... and the lake!

How you landscape and maintain your property will impact our water quality!

Are you ready for Cottage Season? 

It's almost spring after a long, cold winter!  But … think back to last fall.  Did you have a To-Do List of things you planned to accomplish this year … possibly that even got put off from the previous year?  

These are some of the items on our 2022 Spring To-Do Lists for your property:

  • Did you know that it’s good practice to book a septic inspection at least every 10 – 15 years?  If your system is overdue, make a booking with a local provider and follow through with maintenance recommendations.
  • Buy plants that are native to the area and support a healthy environment. Attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees and promote natural habitats. They’re almost maintenance-free!  Check out The Natural Edge plant database to get started. 
  • Use an environmentally friendly way to deter Canada geese with native plants, noise makers, eco-friendly repellants, decoys or reflective devices.

Did you know ... the best way to attract geese is to enable them to see grass from the water?

Discourage geese with a natural shoreline

So, plan your own “Spring Cleaning” list ...

and keep in mind what you can do to maintain the beauty of our lake – every little bit helps!

  • Rid the shed and cottage of household hazardous wastes (HHW) including non-environmentally-friendly fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides; cleaners; paints; gas; batteries; and light bulbs at District of Muskoka drop-off events or their year-round facility.
  • Stock up on green detergents, soaps and shampoos that are bio-degradable and phosphate-free (read the fine print).  Watch for EcoLabel logos on the products you buy such as Green Works, Simple Green, Mrs. Meyers, Tru Earth and Nature Clean.  Even the everyday brands you recognize such as Tide, Windex, Lysol and Ivory are phosphate-free.

And More...

Skeleton Lake Marina Summer Job Postings

Skeleton Lake Marina is looking for Dock/Store Person and a Cleaner!

Details are available here.