April  2022


Is Your Septic Being Neglected?

... Have you been ignoring it?

Septic systems properly built and maintained will enhance the value of your property, avoid costly replacement or repairs and prevent pollution.  They reduce the risk of drinking-water contamination, both to your water supply and your neighbours'.  If your septic is old, or you are not sure of the state it is in, please make arrangements to have it inspected.

There are resources on our website regarding septic systems and their maintenance.

Need Your Septic Pumped?

Look here for contractors in our area.

To help you, SLCO has provided a list of current contractors in the area. 

How many years between pumping?  Recommendations are for every 3 - 5 years, but should be based on usage.

Please help us keep our lake clean ... maintain your septic system properly!

Curious about water levels? 

Water Level Skeleton Lake: