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11 Aug 2015 6:19 PM | Deleted user

Welcome you our new blog. It will feature a selection of interesting bits of Lake history that we are uncovering as we talk to cottagers and members of the community while gathering material for the book we hope to publish sometime next year.

Our Team Members:

Ken Reese, Cary Deloye, John Wyndham, Kathi Poupard, Teddene Long, Al Marshall

The History Book Project: 

Goal: Capture the history of the Lake from the earliest times through to the present day by searching through existing records, photos and written accounts, and by talking to living community members before we lose their stories when they move away or pass on.
Status: This year we are collecting raw material that we will sort through, edit,  and organize into a book,  evenly split between a narrative account of the Lake's development,  and illustrative material such as: maps, photos and short stories told by the people who lived them.

About the Blog

  • New Posts will be published two or three times a month throughout the  whole year as we discover new items of particular interest.
  • Many of these fascinating snippets of information  will be incomplete; and here you can contribute by posting a Comment, telling us of photos, maps or related stories you may know about.
  • We will end each Post with a short list of questions that we have which relate to the published item. You can contribute by telling us  anything you know, or by giving us names of people who might have the missing pieces of the puzzle.
We look at this as a story about the Lake.
We need your stories for it to succeed.

To reach us see "Contact Info on the front page 



  • 30 Aug 2015 5:44 PM |
    As the oldest living member of the Sims family of Sims Bay I hope that it is written write not like some of the opinions of people who have only cottages there.
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  • 24 Dec 2015 8:59 PM | Kathi Poupard
    Gail I'd love to talk to you. My family knew yours from the time they started to cottage on Skeleton Lake. The land they were given by your grandparents is right next to your grandmother's lodge. My great-grandparents were John (Jack) and Frances Catlin. My grandparents were Jim and Gladys Martin and my mother was Phyllis Scott. My Uncle Bob had the cottage across the road up until the summer of 2014.
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  • 04 May 2016 5:05 PM | Anonymous
    This is going to be a great work of history. Can't wait until it's done!
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