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Proposed Lippa Pit & Quarry - Key Municipal Contacts

10 May 2017 8:36 PM | Jeff Crocker (Administrator)

The SLCO has indicated it's opposition to the proposed Lippa Pit & Quarry in a letter sent to the Township of Muskoka Lakes Planning Director yesterday. The SLCO will deliver that same message to the ToML Council Meeting on June 16th 2017, where they will consider this application.

Our members and others in the community are asking what else they can do to express their opposition to this application.  We strongly encourage you to contact the ToML to express your individual concerns about this application. 

In order to ensure your comments are kept in the public record and part of this application it is best if you submit your objections in writing, either by Canada Post, email or fax to the Planning Committee of the Township of Muskoka Lakes at -

David Pink,  Director of Planning, Township of Muskoka Lakes,  P.O. Box 129, Port Carling, Ontario, P0B 1J0, email: dpink@muskokalakes.ca,  Phone: (705) 765-3156  Fax: (705) 765-6755  www.muskokalakes.ca

In addition you can copy the Mayor of the Township of Muskoka Lakes - 

Donald Furniss, Mayor, Township of Muskoka Lakes P.O. Box 129, Port Carling, Ontario, P0B 1J0, email: don.furness@muskokalakes.ca  Phone:(705) 765-3156 Fax: (705) 765-6755 

You may also want to include a copy to your elected ToML representative -

Ward A

Ruth-Ellen Nishikawa,  District and Township Councillor,  ruth.nishikawa@muskokalakes.ca

Sandy Currie, Township Councillor,  sandy.currie@muskokalakes.ca

Donelda Hayes, Township Councillor,  donelda.hayes@muskokalakes.ca

Ward B

Allen Edwards, District and Township Councillor,   allen.edwards@muskokalakes.ca

Linda Barrick-Spearn, Township Councillor,  linda.barrick-spearn@muskokalakes.ca

Gault McTaggart, Township Councillor,  gault.mctaggart@muskokalakes.ca

Ward C

Phil Harding, District and Township Councillor,  phil.harding@muskokalakes.ca

Jean-Ann Baranik, Deputy Mayor, Township Councillor,  jean-ann.baranik@muskokalakes.ca

Terry Ledger, Township Councillor,  terry.ledger@muskokalakes.ca

If you are outside the Township of Muskoka Lakes and this rezoning will still affect you, you may wish to contact your local municipality's Planning Department and/or elected representatives in your area.

Town of Huntsville:  
Stisted (Aspdin Rd), Stephenson (Allensville) & Port Sydney (Ward 3, 4 & 5) Councillor,

Kirstin Maxwell, Director of Planning, Town of Huntsville, 37 Main St East (705) 789-1751,   kirstin.maxwell@huntsville.ca

Ward 3, 4 & 5

Jason FitzGerald, Township Councillor, 705-385-1838

Det Schumacher, Township Councillor, 705-385-2677

To email these representatives and for further contact information go to: http://www.huntsville.ca/en/townhall/meetyourcouncillors.asp

Seguin Township District of Parry Sound: 

5 Humphrey Dr., Seguin, 705-732-4300  http://www.seguin.ca

Ward 6: Jack Hepworth  705-346-2181 hepworthjack@gmail.com

Ward 3: Rod Osborne  705-774-6166  rodfosborne@gmail.com 

District of Muskoka: 70 Pine Street Bracebridge, Tel: 705-645-2231


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