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Protect our Lakes! Complete TML's "Policy Directions Survey" Today!

07 Oct 2020 11:55 AM | Jeff Crocker (Administrator)

Have Your Say!  TML "Policy Directions Survey" Reminder

The Township of Muskoka Lakes held a virtual meeting on Sept 26th to review the Policy Directions for the new Official Plan.  It was overwhelmingly attended by Skeleton Lake cottagers, underscoring our concern for protecting the fragile environment in Muskoka and in particular our pristine lake. 

We want to make sure, once we finally bury Lippa's planned quarry, that there will never again be an opportunity to establish a harmful Pit & Quarry or any other harmful industrial site near our precious lakes.

So I'm asking you to make sure you take some time this week to complete the survey regarding the Policy Directions that will shape the actual policies in the next Official Plan due to be drafted in early 2021.  The deadline for the survey is this Friday, October 9th.

Here's what we want the new OP to reflect:

  • Recognition that the effects of a Pit & Quarry FAR exceed the physical footprint of the operation itself.  
  • That NO operations related to quarrying should EVER be located closer than 2km to a waterbody in Muskoka.  That includes, extraction, effluent discharge (de-watering), material hauling, destruction of natural environment and heritage features - not just crushing!
  • Noise from trucks, harmful effects of dust, road safety and the peaceful coexistence of communities must ALL be considered for any Pit & Quarry application near a waterfront area. 
  • Pits & Quarries should be restricted to an area adjacent to the two main arteries leading back to the major markets of southern Ontario, specifically Highways 11 & 400.  This is compliant with the Provincial Policy Statement.  Since granite is found everywhere in Muskoka, there is NO strategic reason to locate Pits & Quarries near sensitive lakes, streams and natural reserves deep in the interior of Muskoka along scenic township roads.  Highways 11 & 400 were designed to avoid communities and sensitive natural areas.

The survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete, and you should review the Policy Directions document as well if you haven't already.  In the survey, make sure to select "Mineral Resource Uses Adjacent to Waterfront Area" in Question 2 and fill in your comments as above in Question 3.  

You can also choose to comment on other areas that are important to you, the community and our lake such as; Lake System Health, Recreational Carrying Capacity, Watershed Planning and Cumulative Environmental Impacts - all important and all impacted by quarrying.

You can find the links to the survey here - https://engagemuskokalakes.ca/official-plan-review/survey_tools/proposed-policy-direction-questionnaire

and the Policy Directions document here - https://engagemuskokalakes.ca/16524/widgets/64937/documents/39418

Please take a few minutes this week and let our township know we're serious about protecting our lakes in Muskoka!


Jeff Crocker

President, Skeleton Lake Cottagers Organization

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