Tales from Rod Dixon by Ken Reese

  • 18 Jan 2022 9:03 AM
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    As a young teenager, Rod Dixon had a thirst for ice cream and Wilson’s Lodge was the source. But Rod lived across the lake at Leander Beach. Rod, age 10, and his friend, Ted Evans, age 16, set out for Wilson’s rowing in a cedar strip with double oar locks. After the purchase, Bill Wilson gave them a pail of ice to hold the ice cream for the return trip. The two boys, each with a set of oars, rowed so hard to beat the melting, they created a wake behind the row boat. Mother was waiting on the beach as they arrived, ice cream in good shape.

    Another time, Rod got lost in a fog so dense that he could barely see beyond the front of his boat. He was at Ned Moore’s Point and heading for Opal Island and he knew what direction to take. The young mariner had no compass but he would steer by the direction of the waves. Progress was good and soon the shoreline appeared. He was back at Ned’s Point!  As he had moved off shore, the wind turned the waves and he had travelled in a complete circle.

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