Seriously, Never a Boring Cottage Day by Bonnie Baumgartner

  • 24 Feb 2022 7:40 AM
    Message # 12622011

    It was one of those perfect swimsuit days, all day. We went up to dinner and hung our suits on the line. Before we were finished eating, here came a flotilla of Canadian Geese landing on the beach and campfire level. One of our group threw back the chair, flung open the door, bound down the steps and raced down the hill. Woof, wuuuf, rrruuff and grrrr went the flesh “ bird dog”. Chaos and honks and splashing churned up the water. Laughter followed from the cottage due to the view of barking dog/human. Magical memories abound on Skeleton Lake. Another entry in our journal of memories. You never know when. (circa 2000)

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